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08 December 2010 @ 01:49 am
It's been almost a year since I posted to this journal... and what a year it's been. Not the best, for sure, but I can't be happier with how it's ending. All you can do in life is hope that each new year brings better things, and I'm sure this one will.

Also, my poetry journal is still alive and well at ignore_thelisp . Please visit :)

Happy holidays, and always, always...
happy new year <3
21 December 2009 @ 08:17 pm
There are a lot of things I wish I could do something about, but I can't. Feeling helpless is the worst.

Happy Holidays.
I'm home now, for good! I did great on all my finals, pulled out good overall grades, and White Coat went well. I was sad to leave my friends, but I hope I'll see some of them again, maybe in clinicals. Anyways, I'm living with my dad in SC for the summer. I'm gonna be studying 9-5 Monday-Friday for the USMLE Step 1. I hope to take it sometime in September, and then I'm moving to the Atlanta metro area for my clinical rotations. I'm getting a house, which is SUPER exciting. Anyways... this summer's gonna be somewhat hectic, but I'm still around in spirit LOL. If you need me, my cell is 864-706-5784. Feel free to text to your heart's content :)
I make Skins fanvids for YouTube, and on one of my Naomi/Emily vids, someone recommended that I watch South of Nowhere. Well, I looked it up and saw that it was a show from "The N," the same network famous for Degrassi and other silly teenage shit, but I decided to give it a try anyway. Now I'm ashamed to say that I'm on the second season... LOL. It's definitely not the best show ever, but I think the Ashley/Spencer relationship is a really, really good and pretty accurate portrayal of an adolescent lesbian relationship. As much as I love Skins and the whole Naomi/Emily pairing, the Spencer/Ashley thing is a lot more organic and much truer to how those things actually work. I mean, Naomi and Emily aren't even friends to start with; Emily just has this unexplained desire for Naomi and she basically stalks her until Naomi reciprocates. The meat of the relationship is good, but the premise and beginnings of it are a bit far-fetched, as Skins tends to be sometimes. With Spencer and Ashley, you see much more common beginnings of the relationship girls that age would have. Watching their relationship develop, I really was struck with how realistic it was, so I just had to post on here and give it my kudos.

Anyway... I've only got 3 more weeks here! Wooohooo! I'm so ready to be home :D

Whyyy don't I have a Naomily icon? Must fix this soon. How else will I make it until the next series??
25 March 2009 @ 11:50 pm

Wow, I remember making my "1 year" post this time last year, and even though, in a lot of ways, this has been a long year, it seems like that post just happened. Last year I made a post of my favorite pictures of us, so I don't really know what to do to make this anniversary post special except to say how I feel. I know we spent a huge part of the past 12 months more than 1,000 miles apart, but it was still great. Just having such an amazing thing going has made everything better for me. Here are some lyrics to a song I think works well for this situation:

You healed these scars over time,
Embraced my soul;
You loved my mind.
You're the only angel in my life...
And though my edges may be rough
And never feel I'm quite enough
It may not seem like very much,
but I'm yours...

So next year will be the first anniversary that we actually get to celebrate together, and I can't wait. Here's to the  next 12 months and far beyond :D

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I guess, like most people, I've been sucked into Twittering. It's a lot easier to update a site that limits you to 140 characters. Much less revealing and introspective, so it allows me to hide from reality a bit more than LiveJournal. Not that life is going back at the moment. Actually, it's all going quite well. I have just a bit over a month to go and I'll be halfway through my medical curriculum! Completely finished with Basic Sciences, that is :D Then I get to spend my summer studying hard for the USMLE. I'm sure there will be some fun times, as well, though.

One downer I just learned of is that I owe the equivalent of over 500 US dollars in excess utilities before I can move out of here. Ughhh. It's from when oil prices went sky high last fall :(

Anyways, follow me on Twitter if you wish :D
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01 March 2009 @ 04:46 pm
I'm going to try to be better about updating this. Ok, I just said that for my own benefit. Here's what's going on with me:

Second exams are going on right now. We had PDI (Physical Diagnostics) on Friday, and it was a disaster, both the theory and practical portions. I just hope it was enough of a generalized disaster that I can pull out a decent grade. After that debacle, I went out for pizza with my Bonaire girls, Christina and Meredith, which made things a little better.

Yesterday and today have mostly just been studying. I also made a Naomi/Emily fanvid, but I'm battling the YouTube gods, because I made the mistake of using Tegan & Sara's "All You Got," which is owned by the douchebaggy Warner Music Group. They don't allow their songs to be used on YouTube, so I'm trying to sneakily get around it, but I doubt it will work. Anyways, I do have two other Skins fanvids up, so check out my youtube channel!!!

Tomorrow we have Path and Epidemiology exams, so I'm reviewing questions like crazy for path. Epi, I'm not worried about. Hopefully they'll both go well.

As for general life, here are some things I am currently excited about:
  • BLINK -182 reunion!!! Hopefully I'll be able to catch a show this summer!
  • New Brand New CD coming soon!!!
  • Getting back into the Warped Tour habit
  • Watchmen and Harry Potter: HBP in IMAX when I get back
  • Most importantly, finishing Basic Sciences and going HOME!

Ok, I hope this has been an enlightening post for you all LOL. I'll try to remember that this journal exists.
26 February 2009 @ 01:05 am
Ok, I'm a worrier by nature. I always have been. One of my very earliest memories was seeing stuff on the news about the Persian Gulf and being scared something would happen, like a war or something, and my parents would be in danger. I worry a lot about the people in my life. And now, my dad has shown me a place on his back that, given my medical education, has me really, really worried. I'm trying to calm myself down and tell myself that it could be nothing.... but it's not really working. I'm really scared. My dad is, like, the most important person in my life. Obviously I need for him to be around for a long time. I can't imagine what I would do if he couldn't meet my future children. I'm not being morbid; I'm just saying in general... I couldn't imagine that. I sent him an email just now reminding him to make a doctor's appointment ASAP. I'm not going to be able to relax until he has it biopsied and everything comes back ok.

aldfjaldfjaldfjk. I can't deal with this shit.
I don't really have too much to say, but I feel like I never keep up with this thing anymore, so I decided to "check in."
Path II is keeping me super busy this semester, not to mention PDI and this stupid new "journal club" thing they're forcing on us now.
It sucks because we were always told that during fourth semester we'd have time to start our Step 1 review, but I've never been busier with schoolwork than I am now.
I did get to go out Friday night, which was a welcome break in the monotony. Christina, Meredith, and I did some pre-partying at Christina's before heading to the fundraiser party at the Pirate Steakhouse.

I hate to think about starting a new school week in the morning, especially with all the stress I have on me. I have to do my Journal Club presentation on Thursday, which I basically got forced into, and I'm not ready at all. On top of that, I need to catch up in Path as well as get everything ready for Daddy's visit on the 19th.

Ugh... I'm ready for second exams to be behind me... and the whole semester, for that matter.
28 January 2009 @ 11:30 pm
I know I need to make an actual real entry but I'm so furious over The L Word right now. I won't spoil but just... ughhh. They have done the unforgivable thing that I always said I would stop watching if they ever did. I won't stop watching since it's the last season, but I'm definitely pissed. I just KNEW they'd ruin the show in the last season and fuck it all up for us. They better bring back Carmen on like the last episode or something to make up for all this fuckery. Oh well, I know that's totally wishful thinking.

On a much, much brighter note, I freaking LOVE the new series of Skins! I thought I'd hate it because I love the old cast, but wow, it's fantastic. I especially love Freddie and the twins! And of course, Cook is gonna be great for entertainment. I've been bouncing around all week waiting for the new episode :D